Conceptualist / Associate Creative Director


SAMSUNG Smart Playboard

How can a technology giant show the power of its solutions in empowering humanity?

Samsung was often perceived as a convenient market option but not necessarily as an aspirational industry leader.

To shift this perception and build a new cultural relevance, we partnered with a design school and a behavioral science university, showing what happens when Samsung solutions are used to support the cognitive development of the youngest generations.

One of the most challenging objectives of the leading educational theories is providing a customized education to every child. Without a concrete solution to build this customization at scale, schools can’t turn it into a reality.

So, we created Samsung Smart Playboard: the first physical platform that tracks each kid’s behavioral patterns and helps teachers understand their natural inclinations and strengths, making it easier to provide them the best possible education according to their specific needs.  

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Alice Jasmine Crippa