Conceptualist / Associate Creative Director


RADIO FLYER Travel Agency for the Imagination

How can a century-old toy claim its role in a world of VR and video games?

After analysing the challenges that modern kids and families face in supporting unbridled imagination and full cognitive development, we realised that the most innovative solution out there was a century-old metal toy: a Radio Flyer wagon.

To let everyone seize the imagination potential of this old-school option, we created an experience that all kids have dreamed of, but no one has ever experienced in real life: the chance to travel anywhere they could imagine, just by saying it out loud. 

That’s how the first travel agency for the imagination was brought to life, powered by the infinite imaginary superpowers of Radio Flyer wagons, and the amazing Improv skills of Second City comedy actors.

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Alice Jasmine Crippa