Conceptualist / Associate Creative Director


CHILLY COW Save Yourself From Yourself

How to launch a healthier ice cream in a very crowded market category?

We scraped social media and noticed how frustrated people were with the existing healthy options, and how quickly they tended to go overboard, compromising their happiness.

So we decided to introduce ourselves not as another “fake” ice cream brand that pushes people to the limit, but as a honest friend that calls out all the health-crazed bulls**ts, and encourages people to indulge a little with the first light ice cream that tastes just as good as the real thing: Chilly Cow. 

We used social media to call out fitness influencers, invite people to 'Save Yourself From Yourself', and intercept healthy folks as they were diving deep into their healthy habits - just like a real friend would do. 

A radically honest approach for a radically delicious healthy ice cream.

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Alice Jasmine Crippa